Test your Cartoon IQ

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The original plan was to make a large image/infographic of cartoon protagonists and antagonists. But I figured that's not nearly as much fun as turning it into a game.

The game concept is very simple: click on the antagonist below for the protagonist displayed up top. Get it right and you get a point plus five seconds added to the clock. Get it wrong and you move on to the next character.

The game is supposed to be hard, the goal is to see who (if anyone) is really a master of cartoon trivia. I know I spent countless hours of my childhood watching cartoons, many of which I didn't even like or enjoy (there just wasn't anything better on). How else can you explain having watched entire seasons of Teddy Ruxpin?(yes, I did have the Teddy Ruxpin talking bear)

See how well you can do, post your scores in the comments and challenge all your friends. PS. This is an HTML5 game, so you need an updated browser to play it. If it won't load, Get Chrome

For some reason this game doesn't like FF or mobile browsers. Sorry about that.

To embed this infographic select all the text below then hit Ctrl-C to copy.

This game was designed by Sean Lind (which explains why the design is average at best) and coded by Stuart Hoyt.

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