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Have you ever been to a casino? Did you notice how crowded the slot machines were? Well, that same thing happens all over the world with slots, and it even happens in online casinos!

Now, there are several reasons why these games are very popular, especially on the web, and we will review some of the great features in this article.

The look and feel

One of the very first differences you will notice when you play online slots is the fact that casinos have the advantage of using several themes.

In fact, the best online casinos will most likely have pretty impressive collections of these games, all with different themes and other additional features like bonuses and jackpots, but we will get to that in a minute.

Different challenges

This new found level of customization has also taken the actual game to a completely different level. Yes the “old school” slot machines with a lever and the spinning 3 reels are still around. In the virtual world you find them too, just replacing a lever for a “Spin” button you click on.

Next to the classic versions of the slot machines you will now find games with up to 5 reels in which you will be able to pick up to 25 pay lines, this means that your chances of winning have just multiplied, while the basic dynamics of spinning the reels and getting a winning combination are still pretty much the same.

Extra features

If all of this wasn’t good enough for you, playing with an online casino brings some additional benefits to the online slot machines.

Depending on the slot game that you are trying you can find different things like bonuses, free spins, multipliers or even win-win features that will ensure that you score during a bonus round in case you don´t win as much. Other items include random jackpots as well as progressive ones depending on the game.

Play for free

All of the above sounds great, but by know you are thinking: “How much do I have to deposit to be able to play?” The answer is; absolutely nothing some of the best online casinos, like the ones featured on this list, not only have everything we already mentioned but they will also let you play free slots.

Yes, that’s right, you can try the all of the online slot machines for free, this means no depositing any money, and no risk to you. All you do is sign up and choose the “play money” option and that’s it. You don’t even have to download de software to play free slot machines.

But let’s say you already are a player in one of this casinos and you want to try a new game, well, you can play the new online slots game for free as well. So give one of these casinos a spin, and start playing your favorite slots games.

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