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A game that has been featured everywhere, from casinos to movies, and it is considered as one of the all time favorite games for players all over the world, Blackjack, also referred as 21, is perhaps one of the most played games in history, and is featured in all of the top 10 casinos online.

There are many reasons for Blackjack to be as popular as it is. This can be a very simple game to play and with the added bonus that it has a small edge in terms of the odds you are playing against.

How to play online Blackjack

The game mechanics of online blackjack are pretty much the same as it would be to play on a casino table. When you enter the game you will be facing the dealer and on the right hand side you have the different amounts you can choose from to make a wager. This amounts you can combine in any way you want, as long as the funds are available.

The goal of the game is for you score either 21 or the closest value you can get without going over. You can do this be either getting the first pair of cards and staying, which can be done by using the “Stand” or “Stay” button.

If the cards are of low value then you can ask for an extra card, or several, by using the “Hit” button. You can request as many cards as you want until you either press “Stand” or you go over, which is known as a bust.

Controls and strategy

There are other moves you can do when playing online Blackjack, the first one is the “Double”. Whenever you start a hand you can click on this button to double your bet and you will be given an extra card. The strategy with this type of action is to wait until you are holding a 10 or better and the dealer less than a 9 on its face up card to increase the odds of you winning double.

Another control that you will find is the “Split” button, this will be available when you get both face up cards of the same high value. When you activate it you will be splitting the hand into two playing hands that you can play separately against the dealer’s hand, considerably increasing your chances.

Play for free

Now, some players like to try the game and their skills before they dive into the real action. If you are such a player, then you will like to know that most of the best online casinos offer the game for both the real money and free alternative.

So give it a try, test yourself against the dealer without risking your own money on free blackjack and when you feel comfortable enough you can go for the real deal.

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