#Occupy Wall Street: Ten Top 10s

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The #occupy wall street movement is one of the largest, and most important, political movements of the 21st century. What was started as a peaceful war-cry (by a Adbusters) has bloomed into a world-wide protest. Unfortunately the majority of the general public appear to be confused as to the purpose and end-goal of the movement in general. It’s for this reason we decided to put together this infographic. This infographic takes a look at the top ten top 10’s of the #occupy movement, from speeches and photographs to news headlines from around the world. For some more information on why this movement is important to you, and why you should get on board scroll down below the image. NOTE: This infographic is a combination of images and code (you can't just right-click save as). If you want to share it on your site you need to use the embed code at the bottom of the graphic.

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Reasons to Lend #Occupy Wall Street your Support

You don’t need to go buy a tent and quit your job, but lending some support is always better than none. If you don’t understand why you really need to get out there and make yourself heard, here’s a list of pretty solid reasons. It’s a numbers game: Strength in numbers is not just a cliché, it’s a universal truth. The more people we have in support of the Occupy movement the more powerful the movement becomes. The Main Point is Important as #$%&: While there are about 8,890,123 different reasons and demands being touted from #occupy the main point is very simple: There is a very big problem with the American economy and distribution of wealth. We’re on the road to killing the middle class, making it impossible for all but the elite to have anything resembling a “normal” life. We need to make changes now, before we hit the point of no return. This affects all of us, only most people are too ignorant, scared or hopeful to see the truth. We need to wake these people up before it’s too late for all of us. This is one of the Most Important Historical Moments of our Lives: Regardless of the end result, the day the people began to stand up for what is right will get its own bolded (perhaps underlined as well) headline in the history books. You have the chance to be a part of history; you have no excuse to simply sit on the sidelines. Because It’s the Right thing to do: If you don’t support the #occupy movement (and I’m not talking about supporting all of the methods, just the main purpose) you need to wake up. If you think this is about getting free stuff, or “some commie bullshit” you’re under the ignorant category. You need to understand and acknowledge that there is a problem, and without addressing it head on it can only get worse. Then again a massive percentage of Americans still refuse to believe in evolution; I might be speaking upon deaf ears. Sources:Chinasmack.com, Salon.com, ibtimes.com, Bet.com, Quotegarden.com, OccupyVancouver.com

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