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Sure, celebrities are pampered and often pretentious. They separate themselves from common everyday folk by living lives replete with glamour, glitz, fois-gras, red carpets, complementary expensive cheeses, artificial friendships with other famous people, etc and like, such as.

They basically just exist to make regular people jealous. It's fact, TMZ said so. They don't lie.

While it may seem an unfair advantage has been bestowed upon these people on this journey called life, it might please some readers to know that many celebrities are headcases that take a lot of meds to deal with psychological problems. Shocking, we know.

One of the most common psychological bullies that celebs deal with is the phobia of flying. Scientifically speaking this phobia has many names: aerophobia, aviatophobia,aviophobia or pteromerhanophobia.

For your pleasure and amusement, we gathered a bunch of these scaredy-cat celebrity flyers to snap this exclusive photo (below - click for full version).

We put them in coach for a laugh just to let them see where the rest of the passengers sit when these metal birds take us places.

A few notable tidbits of information regarding some of these fearful flyers:

Dennis Bergkamp's fear of flying is well recorded. He was given the brilliantly creative nickname "The Non-Flying Dutchman" by a journalist at the 1994 World Cup after the engine of the team plane cut out during travel. Following this incident Bergkamp decided he'd never fly again suggesting that the anxiety over the flights would significantly affect his performance. This severely limited his ability to play in away matches in European competition and to travel with the Dutch national side. In some cases he would travel overland by car or train, but the logistics of some matches were such that he would not travel at all.

David Bowie: After an exceptionally stormy flight from Cyprus in the early 70s, he took boats and trains everywhere (including the Trans-Siberian Express to Japan). In the 80s he flew again, but after his heart attack and the birth of his daughter Lexi he's reportedly stopped flying again.

Billy Bob Thornton: Has famously quoted that "I don't have a fear of flying; I have a fear of crashing." and "I quit flying years ago. I don't want to die with tourists".

He has claimed, paradoxically, that his fear of flying has completely disappeared after the September 11 attacks. “As usual, I’m backwards,” Thornton said an interview quoted by salon.com. “As everybody else has gotten worried, I’m not afraid of flying now … Now I feel a little safer because people feel weird about it.

Kirsten Dunst: "I always get scared on planes. Whenever I fly I pack those Bose headphones that dull the noise of the plane. I always wear them on take-off and landing".

Jennifer Anniston: Developed a fear of flying after being caught in an electrical storm on a flight from Toronto to New York City.

"I had one really bad flight where we were caught in an electrical storm. It was from Toronto to New York, which is an hour flight and it took two hours. "We shouldn't have been in the air. We were flying and every once in a while I'd see a field and I'd say, 'Just land it, put it down, put it on the freeway!'"

"What scares me is taking off, because I don't understand how the plane gets up there. I've heard all about the aerodynamics, the speed, the engine. Of course, when your numbers up, it's up. Maybe I'm just a control freak. I'm still nervous - though much better than I was,".

Agnetha Fältskog: It is commonly agreed that Agnetha's fear of flying lead to the reduced lifespan of the music group ABBA.

"The more I fly, the more anxious I get. I think it's challenging higher powers and I always say a prayer just before start or landing. I would prefer to stay on the ground. But we have had to fly a lot in our line of work."

Muhammad Ali: Muhammad reportedly said that he no longer had a fear of flying because "Allah would not allow him to die in a plane crash."

Ben Affleck: Ben actually started working as a child actor at a very young age. When he was 9 years old, he went on a flight to Washington D.C by himself. The plane was hit by lightening and the engine caught on fire.

According to Ben, the plane had to head in for an emergency landing -- and at this point, things got even worse. The night before, the 9-year-old Affleck had randomly seen a frightening TV program about child molesters. "It scared the lights out of me," he said. And so, as a terrified, crying Ben sat in a flaming plane that was zooming toward the ground, he noticed a potentially creepy man sitting next to him. The man then turned and said: "You know, if we land, they'll put us in a hotel. Don't worry -- you can stay with me."

Jennifer Connelly: "I'm a really horrible flyer. I'm not superstitious about anything; I'm pretty much a realist, but flying, I kiss the plane. I'm petrified. It could be classified a phobia.

"For the first 10 minutes of any airplane flight I'm sort of waiting for that sound that, for me - in my fantasy - it's like there's a nut that's come loose and it's going to go into the engine."

Elisha Cuthbert: "I always get on the plane with my right foot first. I pray a lot. I always talk to my mom before I get on a flight. There's all kinds of things, but I try not to be a psycho about it. I realize with my job that I have to fly so I kind do bite my lip and go for it, but there's always that fear in the back of my mind."

"I think fear comes from a lack of knowledge as far as…anyway for me, the fact that I don't understand how a 40 ton craft somehow maneuvers itself in the air and I'm 106lb and I can't lift off at any means. It just doesn't feel safe. So I think it's the unknown. Yeah, flying is definitely frightening."

Dalai Lama: "I used to be scared of airplanes," he confides. Now, he spends his air time meditating.

Colin Farrell: "I hate it, man. It just seems highly unnatural to me. I've taken a few (pills) in my time. I'm trying not to (now) 'cause I've had a few messy affairs on planes. I've been lucky they haven't leaked a few (stories) of when I went bonkers. They nearly had the handcuffs out at one stage on British Airways."

Megan Fox: ‘I developed that (a fear of flying) when I turned 20. All of a sudden I got really afraid to get on airplanes. I had to come up with a way to deal with it because I didn’t want to have panic attacks every time I get on a plane. I know for a fact it’s not in my destiny to die listening to a Britney Spears album, so I always put that on in my (headphones) when I’m flying because I know it wont crash if I’ve got Britney on.’

Whoopi Goldberg: "I panic, shake, break out in a sweat, cry and moan."

Enrique Iglesias: Regarding an in-flight incident crossing the Atlantic.... "The first thing I did was grab a bottle of vodka and I took a few shots, calming down a little bit...you're flying over the Atlantic and the pilot says we have a problem with one of the engines, we have to turn it off and there's the sound of the engine shutting down, it's a scary sound cause the engine at the time has at 80 percent power so you notice that the plane kind of pulled back a bit...it definitely was scary."

Kim Jong-il: The North Korean dictator never ever flies in airplanes. He is apparently afraid of having a panic attack in mid-air, or of the plane crashing. Not one media outlet will report the "details."

Stanley Kubrick: "Actually, over the years I discovered that I just didn't enjoy flying, and I became aware of compromised safety margins in commercial aviation that are never mentioned in airline advertising. So I decided I'd rather travel by sea, and take my chances with the icebergs"

"I am afraid of aeroplanes. I've been able to avoid flying for some time but, I suppose, if I had to I would. Perhaps it's a case of a little knowledge being a dangerous thing. At one time, I had a pilot's licence and 160 hours of solo time on single-engine light aircraft. Unfortunately, all that seemed to do was make me mistrust large aeroplanes".

John Madden: "I used to get on the airplane, then I'd get off the airplane. I'd go to the hotel and the stadium, then back to the airplane. I traveled all over, but I didn't see anything. Now, I do."

In 1979 Madden had what he described as "a full-blown panic attack" when about to fly out of Tampa.

"It wasn't about flying, bad turbulence or anything. The flight attendant closed the door and before we'd even moved I knew I had to get off the plane, but I gutted it out. You think you're going to die. I was sweating, shaking, the whole thing.

"It was about being encased and not being able to get out."

Mr. T was afraid to fly on the A-Team - "I ain't gettin' on no plane!"

Kate Winslet: She and her husband, director Sam Mendes, insist on travelling separately because they are terrified of being involved in an air crash which would leave their children - Mia, Kate's eight-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, and five-year-old son Joe - without their parents.

The couple's phobia is said to stem from different air incidents they were involved in.

Before an amendment to his travelling plans, Sam, 43, was originally booked onto the plane from Washington to Los Angeles that was hijacked by terrorists on September 11 2001.

A month later, Kate, 33, and Mia were flying from London to Dallas when a passenger claiming to be an Islamic terrorist stood up and screamed: "We're all going to die", forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing to have the man arrested.


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