Online Casinos and Mastercard

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the most questions and concerns people have when they sign up with a new online casino, or for the first time, is how their money is going to be handled. Despite our tech-savvy culture, we are still suspicious of putting fungible assets into that virtual domain. By and large, this paranoia is exaggerated, since casinos (like other online organizations that use the internet to negotiate transactions) adhere to very strict protocol regarding the transfer of funds and credit. In many cases, the casino will have an arrangement with the actual bank or credit card company, who have their own security measures – honestly, you’re more likely to get ripped off buying your groceries at your local neighbourhood supermarket.

The setup that reputable online casinos like Silveroak, Planet 7, and Royal Aces use is quite simple – when you sign in and download their software, you have the option of choosing ‘Real Money’. Once you sign in, you can click on the ‘Cashier’ icon, which will bring you to another menu with a ‘Deposit’ option. This deposit can be in a number of different forms, including cash, debit, or form of credit – for instance, Mastercard. The deposit is put directly into your personal account, and from there you can use the credit as you would any other casino. The reason I mention Mastercard is that depending on what form of payment you’re interested in using, the process and restrictions vary. A Mastercard casino deposit, on the other hand, has the widest range of credit limits – from as low as $50 up to $5000 – and can be verified via phone or live chat, making it one of the quicker methods as well.

Once you give your bank account or credit card number the latest in encryption technology ensures complete security by offering you a peace of mind with a 24/7 interactive help line that can answer any of your questions and address problems you may encounter. An added feature that Silveroak and others have implemented is an automatic currency conversion, especially since, via the global nature of the internet, players from all over the world usually end up on the same virtual floor. For gamblers logging in from the EU or Canada, for instance, Silveroak’s system automatically converts deposits into American dollars, based on the daily fluctuations of both currencies. This may seem like a very obvious element to include in the software of any online casino. And it should be.

But it’s not unheard of for certain affiliations to use a standardized conversation rate, which doesn’t change, and may or may not reflect a conversion in your favor. It may be just skimming a few cents or a dollars, but that’s your money. By ensuring that conversions are up-to-date, and relying on the inherent security measures built into Mastercard, Silveroak and its adjuncts maintain an integrity that all online casinos should live up to. And this goes both ways. Yes, it’s important to know that when you deposit an amount, it will be put directly into your account fairly and expediently. However, when you win and want to cash out, this trust extends both ways, and withdrawals are just as fast and easy – and it’s definitely a good day when you can take out more than you put in!
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Video: Top Three USA Online Casino Bonus Offers

Watch on YouTube: Top 3 USA Online Casino Bonus Offers

Silver Oak

When it comes to bonuses, Silver Oak Casino is unmatched. Upon signup, new players will receive up to $10,000 free on their first 10 deposits. This is second to none value, and offers consistent bonuses to get you started. Silver Oak will match up to $1,000 for each bonus and blows its competitors out the water with this offer.

Another bonus Silver Oak offers is their Crewpon. If you have friends who like to gamble, you can all work together to create up to 200% in bonuses. The bonus structure is tied to activity, so depending how much you want to get involved will determine how much your crew can earn as a whole.

The Elf Wars is Silver Oak’s newest slot game and features 5 reels of action and 50 payout lines. The Elf Wars is tied to Silver Oak’s progressive jackpot, which starts at $2500 and doesn’t stop until someone takes home the prize.

The final bonus we’ll discuss is called “Crazy Days” and offers something for every type of gambler. A bonus that feeds off of variety, each day offers a fresh bonus for Silver Oak players and runs all year round. Different amounts, games, and terms for each day allows players to take the bonus that’s most advantageous to them

See Silver Oak’s Promotions page to learn more about all of these bonuses and more

Slots of Vegas

Like Silver Oak, Slots of Vegas offers a plethora of fun and unique bonuses. Slots of Vegas appeals to the avid slot player, and all of its bonuses are based around the one armed bandit.

Their biggest bonus is the 250% Slots and Keno Bonus. The site will offer you a 250% deposit bonus, without the player having to take on a playthrough or a withdrawal requirement. This is not only the best bonus option on SOV, but one of the best slots bonuses on the internet.

Their monthly bonus is another fun bonus, which changes each month to match the biggest news and events happening at that time. As an example, March tied in the NCAA’s March Madness tournament and offered the chance for players to win a free $777 casino chip by correctly guessing which teams would qualify for the Final Four in Atlanta.

Like Silver Oak, Slots of Vegas also offers up a daily bonus special, which they refer to as “The monthly bonus on steroids”. Each day has a different deal and game on feature, so players should be checking constantly to find the bonus that suits them the most.

Lastly, Slots of Vegas offers a VIP promotion for it’s most frequent and elite players. Depending on how much you play and what your stakes are, you can qualify for any one of their four levels of VIP: High Roller, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Cool Cat Casino

No relation to The Pink Panther, this casino offers an exciting and cool place to play, along with a variety of bonuses for all of its players.

Their big promotion is their 1000% sign up bonus, which gives players a massive bonus to go along with their first deposit. This allows players to try out the site’s software and earn money at the same time. Making money while you play is generally the M.O. of any gambler, so this is surely a bonus worth looking into.

Like the above two locations, CCC offers monthly bonuses for its players, including the opportunity to win a $10,000 casino chip as part of one of their promotions. The software on Cool Cat will alert the players about when the bonuses are coming up, so players will always be able to participate.

Lastly, Cool Cat offers an elaborate VIP program that consists of 5 different levels. Be sure to check their VIP page on their website to find out how you qualify and where you can fit into their VIP structure.

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The Six Most Random Christmas Facts

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us. Cheer, food, family, presents and hangovers are all primed to shine. Despite Christmas being many people’s favorite time of the year there are a huge number of misconceptions and lies surrounding this hallmark holiday; the largest being that it never was the supposed birthday of Jesus Christ. While no one knows the exact day he may have been born, the bible (if it can truly be trusted) makes it very clear it could not have been in December. But I digress, for most people this holiday has nothing to do with Christ and everything to do with turkey and wine. So here are some of the lighter more interesting facts surrounding Xmas. PS. Bonus Fact: The term “Xmas” isn’t actually meant to remove “Christ” from the holiday’s title. X is the ancient Greek abbreviation for Christ. Continue reading
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Keenan Cahill (With Me) vs. Kia Hampsters

I had originally planned to make some stupid video with Kim Jong-Il and these hampsters, but then I found Keenan Cahill doing his lip-sync dance to it and it spawned this.

It's only 20 seconds or so but I think it's a pretty hilarious mashup. Hopefully you'll agree.

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265 Billion burgers sold – let’s put that into perspective.

McDonald's has served billions of burgers. In fact, they've served hundreds of billions of burgers.
From our estimates, by the end of 2011 McDonalds will have served over 265 billion burgers.

It is not easy to accurately comprehend the magnitude of numbers that big.
Just look at it, it's a ridiculous number. 265,000,000,000 is just a ludicrous sum. Period.
Let's try to put into perspective what that many burgers equates to.

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#Occupy Wall Street: Ten Top 10s

The #occupy wall street movement is one of the largest, and most important, political movements of the 21st century. What was started as a peaceful war-cry (by a Adbusters) has bloomed into a world-wide protest. Unfortunately the majority of the general public appear to be confused as to the purpose and end-goal of the movement in general. It’s for this reason we decided to put together this infographic. This infographic takes a look at the top ten top 10’s of the #occupy movement, from speeches and photographs to news headlines from around the world. Continue reading
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Test your Cartoon IQ

The original plan was to make a large image/infographic of cartoon protagonists and antagonists. But I figured that's not nearly as much fun as turning it into a game.

The game concept is very simple: click on the antagonist below for the protagonist displayed up top. Get it right and you get a point plus five seconds added to the clock. Get it wrong and you move on to the next character.

The game is supposed to be hard, the goal is to see who (if anyone) is really a master of cartoon trivia. I know I spent countless hours of my childhood watching cartoons, many of which I didn't even like or enjoy (there just wasn't anything better on). How else can you explain having watched entire seasons of Teddy Ruxpin?(yes, I did have the Teddy Ruxpin talking bear)

See how well you can do, post your scores in the comments and challenge all your friends. PS. This is an HTML5 game, so you need an updated browser to play it. If it won't load, Get Chrome

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Celebrities afraid to fly

Sure, celebrities are pampered and often pretentious. They separate themselves from common everyday folk by living lives replete with glamour, glitz, fois-gras, red carpets, complementary expensive cheeses, artificial friendships with other famous people, etc and like, such as.

They basically just exist to make regular people jealous. It's fact, TMZ said so. They don't lie.

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Online Poker: Bankroll management is as important as the game itself

Many new players to the game of poker dream of becoming a famous pro playing on TV with 100k stacks surrounded by lights and cameras. They see the glamour and glitz and it becomes the driving force to take the game seriously. For young players especially, with so many becoming online millionaires, the motivation to follow in their peers footsteps is obvious. The path appears laid out and easy to duplicate. The truth of the matter, however, is that these players possess a level of discipline and understanding that has been internalized to the point where it overcomes the distraction of fame, riches or notoriety. One of the most important but rarely noticed attributes they possess is the ability to know how to manage their money. Continue reading
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Modern Moniez

Ever wonder what the presidents on American currency would look like if they were around today?
Well, that's fine. Regardless, we went ahead and fabricated it anyway. Granted this is totally pointless but here it is for your viewing pleasure nonetheless.

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